>Boiling Point: The London Gaza Protests


Boiling Point: Part One

Boiling Point, a 16-minute film on the London Gaza protests is now online at Current TV in two parts.

On Saturday 27 December 2008 Israel launched an unprecedented attack into the Gaza Strip. In London protestors took to the streets en-mass, in their thousands. There the anger and outrage manifested themselves in Kensington, the home of the Israeli embassy.

Boiling Point: Part Two

Boiling Point is not so much a fully narrated film piece, more of a visual account of what happened between Saturday 3 January and Sunday 11 January, allowing the footage of those days to do the storytelling.

Constructed from nearly ten hours of footage shot over four days on two cameras, hopefully it gives the viewer an idea of what really happens down on the front line of a riot situation.

The music in Boiling Point comes courtesy of: “OPT” by MC Cox – Released on “Badly Worn Hat” Soul Prolapse Records 2004 and “Dr Benway” by Headjam.

All material on this blog – stills, video and print – is (c) Jason N. Parkinson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Please contact the AUTHOR for access to any material and the extensive five-year video archive.



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