>You Find Four Billion, You Lose Four Billion


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Bankers Emergency Meeting at The Treasury

Last week, 27 July 2009, bankers were rushed into the Treasury at high speed in chauffeur-driven cars with blacked-out windows for an emergency meeting with Chancellor Alistair Darling. The burning questions on Darling’s lips – why are you not lending more and why are you not passing on the interest rate to your customers? Something I’ve been asking every time I look at my loan repayment plan.

Tuesday 4 August and the news headlines are of bankers taking £4bn in bonuses, citing “business as usual” – a stupendous slap on the back for all the great work they have done.

Bankers Emergency Meeting at The Treasury

Move ahead, Wednesday 5 August, and Lloyds have lost £4bn in the HBOS takeover, a takeover paid mostly by the UK taxpayer, part of the £500bn bailout by the UK government in November 2008.

Has anyone thought to ask the question; did the Lloyds/HBOS funds get mixed up in the City bonus bin?

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