>Rich Simcox for Editor of the Journalist

Wednesday 7 October 2009: We are a day away from the vote for the editor of the the NUJ Journalist magazine.

It seems pretty set from where I work – a Kentish Town top floor flat where the rain increases the damp stains on the ceiling every damn day and the estate agent dives under his table every time I walk past his office – that I will be voting, along with many other supporters, for Richard Simcox. Read his manifesto here and questions can be asked direct to Rich here on the ask-before-you-vote page.

So far Rich has gained the support across the board, like NUJ activist Linda Piper and IFJ president Jim Boumelha, NEC members Donnacha DeLong and Eamonn McCann, as well as noted photographers David Hoffman, Jess Hurd and Marc Vallee, journalists like Dave Crouch, and those dubious characters, known as video journalists.

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