Broken Greece on the Brink: General Strike

Thursday 11 March 2010: With the Greek economy on the brink of collapse, forcing mass unemployment and huge public sector cuts to prop up the national and international banking system, united trade unions across the country called another General Strike.

Hundreds of thousands joined the mass protest through the streets of Athens, but before the protest could commence riot police units, who were positioned in every side street off the main protest route, attacked the crowd at the front of the march with tear gas, shock grenades and batons.

Police continued to clash with protestors for the remainder of the day, the more hardcore contingent of the protest attacking riot police with wooden batons, metal poles, rocks, bottles, petrol bombs and catapults.

The general strikes in Greece are expected to continue and increase for the foreseeable future, with similar scenes predicted in Spain and Portugal as identical emergency economy plans are rolled out.

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