>Tory Millbank Tower Siege

tills and print (c)
Jason N. Parkinson 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Video (c) Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

Monday 10 November 2010: An estimated 52,000 people joined the Fund Our Future protest in London. Thousands descended and lay siege to Millbank Tower, the Conservative Party headquarters. Protestors broke through windows, occupied the lobby and rooftop and set fires in the court yard of the office complex.

This video captures the scenes as riot police moved in to push protestors back, using riot shields and batons in a manner that saw the Territorial Support Group (TSG) condemed at the G20 protests.

One scene captures protestors chanting “This is just the beginning”, a stark warning to the government of the further social unrest to unfurl, as the austerity measures take hold and private interests take advantage of the economic climate to gain control, with ComDem approval, of more public services.

(c) Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

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5 responses to “>Tory Millbank Tower Siege

  1. >The TSG were condemned at the G20 for specific incidents where it was deemed that violence was unprovoked and unnecessary, so the comparison is inappropriate. From your clip I would say those police officers were measured in their use of force to push back students who had damaged property and were attempting to get into the building. Students were using the masts of placards as weapons against the police in that clip. What would you have done as a police officer confronted with such violence?

  2. >Er… not be a police officer in the first place? Why is it OK for the state to inflict mass violence across the working class population with its ravaging cuts, but not OK for students to respond? Smash a few windows and the demo suddenly vaults to the top of the news agenda. They are sending a message to the Tories: this is just the beginning of the resistance. Good!Guardian headline: 'This is just the beginning'Independent headline: The New Politics: Student riot marks the end of Coalition's era of consensus Good!PS Fantastic video Jason – you had an amazing vantage point

  3. >The Police at Millbank tower in my opinon did a fair job , i was given the nod a couple of times by the boys in blue before a push forward was going to happen , I think as it was just kids they did not use the batons too much . The idiot that threw the fire extinguisher off the roof should be given a good kicking or extra homework !photographer,ian vogler

  4. >"Why is it OK for the state to inflict mass violence across the working class population with its ravaging cuts, but not OK for students to respond?"Depriving someone of an education, as unjust as it is, is not a "violent" act. That is hypberbolic language that clouds the issue. Violence in self-defence can be argued for. A student throwing a fire extinguisher off a building or trying to hit a policeman with a baton cannot be argued for with any conviction.And as for not being a police officer, if thugs ever attack you or your family, if anyone ever robs you, who are you going to call?There are alot of problems with administering a police force. The Met have been guilty of serious misconduct. But taking the infantile notion that police aren't necessary and the even more infantile hype that the cuts are "violent" does your argument no favours at all.But I agree with you on one thing… as ever, Jason did a brilliant job of filming it!

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