Unrest Rising

Guardian Video: London We Can’t Breathe Protest

The last quarter of 2014 has seen unrest rising yet again on the streets of London, from the hugely disproportionate police operation around the first Occupy Democracy protests, the largest ever Million Mask March and Student marches, to Ferguson and We Can’t Breathe solidarity protests and the mass arrest of 76 demonstrators.

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Cops Off Campus

Guardian Video: Thousands of London students attend #CopsOffCampus demonstration

Wednesday 11 December: Thousands of students protested during the Cops Off Campus national day of action. In London protestors broke through chained gates, burned bins, attempted to break into Senate House and occupy it and marched across the university campus, to oppose the protest ban injunction and recent intervention by riot police on campus to disperse previous protests. Protestors accused the police of violence and unlawful arrests at previous smaller protests.

Guardian Video Report

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Protestors march in their thousands:
Protestors tear down Stewart House gates:
Protestors try to break through Senate House entrance:
Thousands of protestors take to the London streets:

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Injured Student Faces Violent Disorder Trial

Monday  26 March 2012: Alfie Meadows, a student who faced brain surgery after receiving a head injury during the December 2010 student protests, will face trial for violent disorder at Kingston crown court.

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