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Press Freedom: Domestic Extremist Film Trailer


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Report Digital Video: Hamburg Cat & Mouse Protest Against Cop Clampdown

For the past week Hamburg has been the setting for nightly spontaneous protests, following the police declaring the areas of St Pauli, the Reeperbahn and Altona to be a danger zone, or Gefahrengebiet. Hundreds of riot police were deployed every night at 6pm. The emergency laws allowed the police to arbitrarily detain anyone, take their details and force people to leave the area or face arrest.

Report Digital Rushes

Hamburg Protests Gefahrengebiet

Hamburg Cat & Mouse Protest Against Cop Clampdown

Jess Hurd Photos: Lampedusa in Hamburg

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Cops Off Campus

Guardian Video: Thousands of London students attend #CopsOffCampus demonstration

Wednesday 11 December: Thousands of students protested during the Cops Off Campus national day of action. In London protestors broke through chained gates, burned bins, attempted to break into Senate House and occupy it and marched across the university campus, to oppose the protest ban injunction and recent intervention by riot police on campus to disperse previous protests. Protestors accused the police of violence and unlawful arrests at previous smaller protests.

Guardian Video Report

ReportDigital Rushes
Protestors march in their thousands: http://bit.ly/1djThFP
Protestors tear down Stewart House gates: http://bit.ly/1bX6AxK
Protestors try to break through Senate House entrance:http://bit.ly/19aoI8J
Thousands of protestors take to the London streets:http://bit.ly/IRZIaj

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Press Freedom: Hostile Reconnaissance

Press Freedom: Hostile Reconnaissance highlights the continuing police surveillance of journalists documenting political dissent in the UK and follows the rise of the I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist! campaign.

The film follows on from the 2008 film Press Freedom: Collateral Damage that exposed the extent of police surveillance on street journalists. The film includes interviews with photojournalist Jess Hurd, NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear and Hickman and Rose partner Anna Mazzola. They are a few among many who continue to campaign to expose and fight the increasing erosion of civil liberties and press freedom in the UK.

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