The Year That Was 2013

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Cops Off Campus

Guardian Video: Thousands of London students attend #CopsOffCampus demonstration

Wednesday 11 December: Thousands of students protested during the Cops Off Campus national day of action. In London protestors broke through chained gates, burned bins, attempted to break into Senate House and occupy it and marched across the university campus, to oppose the protest ban injunction and recent intervention by riot police on campus to disperse previous protests. Protestors accused the police of violence and unlawful arrests at previous smaller protests.

Guardian Video Report

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Protestors march in their thousands:
Protestors tear down Stewart House gates:
Protestors try to break through Senate House entrance:
Thousands of protestors take to the London streets:

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Private Concerns

In 2005 I spent some time working as a care worker for a private company in North West London supplying workers for the “Care In The Community” program. In August 2006 The Big Issue released a feature article based on some of my experiences. Now, some eight years later, as the same issues are returning to the news, I have decided to re-release the article here. Continue reading