Copland: The Education Sell-off

Copland community school in Wembley, North London, is facing the same future as thousands of other schools across the country, a private interest wants to turn the school into an academy.

Supported by parent and pupils, teachers took strike action that saw all three teaching unions united to oppose the takeover by academy sponsor ARK and stop the compulsory staff redundancies.

Copland: The Education Sell-off is a tale of one school that lays bare the cronyism of private education interest figureheads that helped fund the political campaigns of the current coalition government and now hold positions in the cabinet and House of Lords, on the Department for Education board and are running the political think tanks influencing academy and free-school policy.

This film features scenes from the 2008 Wembley Park Action Group (WPAG) campaign to save a local sports ground that became one of the longest running campaign against an Academy school in the country. The campaign became the 2010 film Tent City Occupation.

© Jason N. Parkinson/

Footage available from Report Digital.


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