Ireland: Let Them Eat Cheese

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This week saw the release by Journeyman TV of the video report “Let Them Eat Cheese”, a five minute feature on the current state of the Irish economy, the IMF/EU bailout and people’s opinions on being given free cheese at Christmas by the government.

Video Rush: Ireland’s Ghost Estates

There are some 300,000 new homes lying empty all across Ireland. Built in the booming era of the Celtic Tiger the crash has left these ghost estates devoid of life, eerily resembling a 21st century English zombie movie set. This video rush shows some of the abandoned estates and retail areas.

Ireland is a country of 4.5 million, where 455,000 people are currently unemployed. Homelessness is at an all-time high, charities claiming they are seeing more than double the amount of people seeking help than three years ago. Official figures say there are 4000 homeless people in Dublin alone. This video rush captures scenes of Dublin not usually seen in the tourist brochures.

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