Clashes as EDL March in Walthamstow

Saturday 1 September 2012, the English Defence League (EDL) attempted to march through Walthamstow in North East London. The local community and anti-fascist protestors marched in their thousands and blocked the EDL march by sitting down in a major road junction leading to the town hall. Beer cans, bottles, coins and fireworks were thrown, as clashes between the 300 EDL protestors and police broke out on the march to and from their attempted rallying point. The rally was called off by police after a large group of antifascist protestors pelted the EDL leadership with sticks, bottles and rocks. There were 20 arrests in all, nine EDL and 11 counter demonstrators.

The EDL arrests were 2 affray, 2 possession of offensive weapons, 1 discharging a firework, 1 Section 5 Public Order, 1 breach of the peace and possession of class B drugs and 2 possession of Class A drugs.

The Counter demonstration arrests were 6 affray, 3 possession of offensive weapons, 1 public order offence and 1 breach of the peace.

EDL and Counter Protests

EDL Clash with Police

EDL News Reports

Nov 11: Guardian: Police Pre-emptively Mass Arrest EDL Members

June 2010: Channel 4 News – Convictions Point To Rise of Far Right Extremism

May 2010: Guardian: English Defence League Uncovered

Jan 2010: Sky News: 17 Arrested at Right Wing Protest

Oct 2009: APTN: UK Police Clash With EDL

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