Police Suppression of Istanbul May Day

May Day Istanbul: Demonstrators attempted to defy the ban on protest and march on Takism Square.

33,000 police were deployed across the city, forming a multiple ring of steel around the centre, every street junction becoming a police road block.

All protest was crushed under clouds of tear gas, volleys of rubber bullets and blasts of water and red dye from numerous water cannon trucks.

Scores were injured , including several journalists and 171 people were arrested and held without charge or further investigation for more than 48 hours. This led to lawyers occupying the court house in Çağlayan, the biggest court house in Europe.

Report Digital Rushes

Protestors face water cannons and tear gas

Students and socialists face police in Beşiktaş

Protestors battle police at Şişli hospital

Beşiktaş protestors battle police on the barricades

YouTube: May Day Istanbul

Vimeo: May Day Istanbul

Report Digital Blog

Jess Hurd Photo

May Day Istanbul

Lawyers Occupy Istanbul Court

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YouTube Video: May Day Istanbul 2014

HD Footage available from http://www.reportdigital.co.uk

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk


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