Egyptian Revolution 5th Anniversary

Today marks the start of the 5th Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution.

To mark #Jan25 I have published Window on a Revolution, a 17 minute rush of published and unpublished footage from the first week of the uprising.

It was originally cut for The Battle For Cairo film and photo slideshow evening, that brought together some of the UK photographers and video journalists that covered the uprising.

The evening raised money for the family of Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud, who was shot by a police sniper. Ahmed was the first journalist killed during the revolution. Since then a further ten journalists have been killed.

Footage taken during the first week of the revolution, when fighting between revolutionaries, security forces and pro-Mubarak supporters was most fierce, was nominated one of the three finalists for the 2011 Rory Peck News Award.

See Here For The Full Jess Hurd Photo Catalogue.

See Here For The Full Jason N. Parkinson Video Catalogue.

1024X576 footage © Jason N. Parkinson


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