Decade of Dissent

The end 2015 marks ten years since I first picked up a camera to document the events I wanted to cover as a journalist.

Initially I intended the footage to only be reference material for written work, like my first paid assignment covering the 2005 G8 summit for the Sunday Herald in Scotland.

A combination of 10 previous years in the computer game industry on Photoshop, Premiere and various 3D programs, a three year course at the London School of Journalism,  a rapidly increasing footage library and the sales moving faster in video than the written work, all led into the career I maintain now.

Decade of Dissent, initially cut for the Oxford exhibition Resistance is Fertile, is a montage of 10 years of that footage covering international protest and some of the issues that spark them.

1920X1080 footage © Jason N. Parkinson


These video are for viewing only and may not be embedded or otherwise published without permission.

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