Homeless Soup Kitchen Evicted

Guardian Video: Police Evict Love Activists Soup Kitchen

Following the Christmas Day eviction from the central London Royal Bank of Scotland premises the Love Activists set up a soup kitchen outside, giving out food, tea and coffee to the homeless. On the night before New Years Eve police and council officials forcibly evicted the soup kitchen, in order to clear the streets for the revellers due to descend on the capital for the first ever ticket only end of year fireworks party.

Unrest Rising

Guardian Video: London We Can’t Breathe Protest

The last quarter of 2014 has seen unrest rising yet again on the streets of London, from the hugely disproportionate police operation around the first Occupy Democracy protests, the largest ever Million Mask March and Student marches, to Ferguson and We Can’t Breathe solidarity protests and the mass arrest of 76 demonstrators.

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Million Mask March

Guardian Video: Million Mask March

Wednesday 5 November saw the biggest Million Mask March London has ever seen in the three years since its inception. Thousands of protestors poured down Whitehall to Parliament Square, which has been fenced off since the Occupy Democracy protest turned walking on the grass into a revolutionary act.

Ten arrests followed clashes, as protesters tore down fences and tried to reclaim Parliament Square for the democratic right to protest, moved on to Buckingham Palace to show disgust for the monarchy and then on the central London studios of the BBC, where the public funded news and television organisation was criticised for its news coverage and accused of covering up the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal.

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Stop DSEi

Report Digital Video: Peace Protestors Arrested For Blocking Entrances to DSEi Arms Fair

Sunday 8 September saw the start of the protests against the biennial DSEi London weapons convention. The first day saw several hundred protestors block several entrances to the Excel Convention Centre in East London, to disrupt the delivery of equipment for the arms fair. Police arrested at least 10 protestors for blocking a public highway. Continue reading