Unreleased: Images of a Scottish G8 Summit

Unreleased images from the 2005 G8 Summit in Scotland. Originally shot as reference material for the Scottish Sunday Herald newspaper rather than news footage.

As you can see, an age old problem of police officers removing their identification numbers, an issue that only got the news it deserved after one man died on the G20 protests some four years later.

I’ve cut this together while digitising my footage from 2005, as the DV tapes are starting to deteriorate. I’ve also started messing with the overlaps of footage, the outtakes that usually end up on the editing floor – in the old fashioned term. The rush is also a depiction of the slow deterioration of the camera from the Scottish weather and being knocked around, until its last shot when something blew inside. Still not sure where the music was coming from in the last shot either, considering I was in the middle of nowhere, somewhere outside Stirling.

768X576 footage © Jason N. Parkinson


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