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Stop DSEi

Report Digital Video: Peace Protestors Arrested For Blocking Entrances to DSEi Arms Fair

Sunday 8 September saw the start of the protests against the biennial DSEi London weapons convention. The first day saw several hundred protestors block several entrances to the Excel Convention Centre in East London, to disrupt the delivery of equipment for the arms fair. Police arrested at least 10 protestors for blocking a public highway. Continue reading

Leyton Marshes Olympic Eviction

Guardian Video: Protest camp evicted at London Olympic site

Tuesday 10 April 2012: Police arrested six people during an eviction on Leyton Marsh where a basketball practice facility is being built for the London 2012 Games.

Jess Hurd Photogallery: Occupy Leyton Marsh

The video below shows bailiffs threatening one legal observer not involved in any action with a high court writ, stating he needs permission to be on public land. They then go on to accuse him of obstruction by holding on to a fence. In the run up to the 2012 London Olympics private security are being given more powers, including increased use of force.

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Occupy London Attempt Iraq Attache Squat

Guardian Video: Occupy protestors evicted from Iraq Commercial Attache

Friday 27 January 2012: After the #bankofideas faced eviction, Occupy London protestors attempted to squat another building they thought was a disused Iraqi bank. It turned out it was the Iraqi government Commercial Attache building and still held diplomatic status. Five people were arrested, four for trespassing on a consular post.

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Occupy London Video Rushes

Two video rushes from the Occupy London movement. The first from the initial day that the Occupy London camp was set up. The second film from the protest to parliament on November 5th.



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All material © Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk